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Sábado , 25 de marzo de 2023

Program of Rural Development with Equity – DRE

​The Program Agro, Secure Income, now called Rural Development with Equity - DRE, created by Law 1133 of 2007, has as its fundamental objectives to improve the competitiveness and productivity of the agricultural sector and contribute to reducing inequalities in the field. Has available $500,000 million pesos a year that are destined to the support of small and medium-sized producers.

Program Tools

1. Support through credit

• Special Line of Credit - LEC

It is an instrument aimed at improving the financing conditions of agricultural projects associated with the planting and maintenance of short-cycle crops that are part of the basic food basket, are of export interest or are sensitive to imports, as are: Achira, sesame, cotton, rice irrigated, rainfed rice, oats, barley, beans, fruit short cycle, vegetables, corn, peanut, potato, banana, sorghum, soy black tobacco, tobacco Rubio, wheat and cassava.

​Type of Producer​Interest Rate​Amount
Individual1 Small​DTF4 effective yearly (e.a.) + 1​$ 2.000 Millions
Small associated​DTF e.a.
Medium2 individual​DTF e.a. + 2
Medium associated​DTF e.a. + 1

​ $ 5.000 Millones

​Medium or big3 integratorDTF e.a. + 1​

(1) That one who has total assets up to 145 times the minimum statutory monthly wage in force (SMMLV). The 75% of the total of these assets should be invested in the agricultural sector or two thirds of their income must come from the agricultural sector.
(2) That one with total assets above 145 SMMLV and up to 5,000 SMMLV.
(3) That one with total assets above 145 SMMLV and up to 5,000 SMMLV.
(4) That one with assets of over 5,000 SMMLV.

• Incentive to the Rural Capitalization - ICR

It is an economic benefit provided by the National Government with the resources of the DRE Program, with the aim of stimulating investment of capitalization in the countryside and improve the productivity and competitiveness of agricultural producers. The value of the incentive corresponds to a percentage of the value of the total investment, which is defined according to the classification of the type of producer.

​Type of Producer​% of recognition​Maximum amount of access
Small​40% of the value of the investment750 SMMLV
Medium20% of the value of the investment
Strategic Alliance, with the participation of small in, at least, 50% of the project​40% of the value of the investment​ ​2500 SMMLV

Associations, Cooperatives and companies of producers that have the participation of small producers in the capital of the same

Weighted according to the participation of the type of producer

• Financeable investments with access to the Incentive to the Rural Capitalization - ICR

  1. Planting and maintenance of crops of delayed yield, fruit delayed yield, Fique, macadamia, forest species and renewal of areas in coffee plantations that have completed their useful economic cycle.
  2. Adequacy of land and irrigation systems.
  3. Acquisition of machinery and equipment for the production.
  4. Infrastructure for the production (sheds, pig farms, farmyards, stables, cellars, ponds, greenhouses, among others).
  5. Infrastructure for primary processing and marketing of goods.
  6. Development of biotechnology and its incorporation into productive processes.
  7. Silvopastoral systems of production.

2. Support through credit

• Assistance

• Technical

Economic Incentive to Direct Technical Rural Assistance - IEATDR. Consists of an economic support intended to co-finance up to 80% of the costs for the implementation of the General Plans of Direct Technical Rural Assistance developed by the municipalities or associations of municipalities prioritized by each department to provide the service to small and medium-sized producers. Technical assistance will be provided through Companies Providers of Agricultural Services - EPSAGRO contracted by the municipalities with the resources of the Program.

Incentive to Labor Union Technical Assistance. Consists of an economic support to the committees of the agricultural sector of 50 per cent of the costs of the provision of the service of technical assistance and training and updating of technical assistants.

Incentive to the Special Technical Assistance. It consists in the provision of the service of technical assistance to small producers who are located in areas of territorial consolidation or rural development.

• Other instruments related of Technical Assistance

Course in Rural Extension. Design and implementation of the Training Program in Rural Extension with the Manuel Mejia Foundation and the SENA. Registrations through the Secretaries of Agriculture of the departments and of the associations of production - April 2013.

Téchnical Support – Technical Assistance. Support for the implementation of the Subsystem of Agricultural Technical Assistance on the part of CORPOICA. Available for technical assistants since April 2013.

Coffee Growers Extension Service. Support for the provision of the service of technical assistance to coffee producers (technical, social, economic, environmental and trade unions programs), through the departmental committees of the National Federation of Coffee Growers - FNC. First Semester of 2013.

• Adequacy of Land

Suitability of Land Incentive for the Implementation of Associative Projects of Adequacy of Land. It is an incentive that is granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with resources from the DRE program for those associations of users of irrigation districts who want to build, rehabilitate, modernize or expand the irrigation and drainage infrastructure. The incentive, which will be delivered through public competition, it will be up to 80 per cent of the total value of the investment. It will require all beneficiaries counterpart in money which is not less than 5 per cent and prioritize those projects with greater counterpart. The civil works of irrigation and drainage must be linked to a productive project of each of the partners, guided by a clearly defined business plan.

Incentive for the Development of Studies and Designs of Associative projects of Adequacy of Land. It is an incentive given to those associations of users of irrigation districts constituted that are interested in performing studies and designs of projects that already have pre-feasibility studies and estimated budget of the cost of the studies. With these resources, will be financed up to 80 per cent of the cost of the studies and designs. Those selected projects as a result of the process of public call, must be contracted with persons or companies of recognized expertise and proven experience in the preparation of studies and designs of works of adaptation of land.