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Sábado , 24 de febrero de 2024

Internal Control Office

​​The duties of the Internal Control Office are the following:

1. Provide advice and support to the Minister and Vice Ministers in the definition of  policies that pertain to the design and implementation of control systems to help ensure and increase the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the provision of services in different areas of the Ministry.

2. Develop and advance tools to foster a culture of self-control that contributes to continuous improvement in the provision of services delivered by the Ministry.

3. Implement management control and interpret its results with the purpose of making recommendations to the Minister.

4. Verify compliance with policies, standards, procedures, plans, programs, projects and goals of the Ministry, and recommend the appropriate adjustments and monitoring to its implementation.

5. Advise the agencies of the Ministry on the identification and prevention of risks that may affect the achivement of their purposes.

6. Advise, support and accompany workers of the Ministry in the development and improvement of the system and keep the Minister informed about the state of the system.

7. Submit activity reports to the Minister and the Coordination Committee of the Internal Control System or substitute.

8. Plan, direct and assess the Internal Control System.

9. Verify the application and enforcement of measures adopted by the National Government on fighting corruption, 
rationalization of procedures and austerity in public spending, among other matters, to contribute to the improvement and efficiency in management.

10. Supporting entities in the Farming, Fishing and Rural development industry in the implementation of government strategies on internal control.

11. Interact with entities attached and linked to the Ministry, to strengthen the Internal Industry Control System.

12. Coordinate and perform Internal Quality Audits as part of the Comprehensive  Management System and assure the performance of external certification audits.

13. Make periodic assessments about the execution of the plan of action and the fulfilllment of the activities of each agency, and propose preventive and / or remedial measures.

14. Strive for the correct execution of transactions, agreements and contracts of the Ministry and monitor the public funds invested, and report to the Minister and Vice Ministers about irregularities arising in the management thereof.

15. Prepare and consolidate the Tax Acccounts Report to be submitted annually to the Republic´s Comptroller General at the beginning of each term.

16. Coordinate and consolidate answers to requests submitted by agencies in management control for the Ministry.

17. Support the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Comprehensive Management System, and monitor its effectiveness and compliance with recommendations.

18. Other duties assigned and that correspond to the nature of the office.