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Lunes , 15 de julio de 2024

Direction of Agricultural and Forestry Chains


The Direction of Agricultural and Forestry Chains shall have the following functions:

  1. Designing and evaluating the policies, plans, programs and projects for the strengthening of the agricultural and forestry chains in the issues related to production, technical assistance, marketing, associativity, the productive alliances, the businesses formalization, labor and productive infrastructure, insertion in international markets and the generation of value added in the agricultural products.
  2. Propose rules, instruments and procedures to allow for the strengthening of the agricultural and forestry chains.
  3. Contribute in the framework of its competence in the design and implementation of rural development programs with territorial approach.
  4. Perform the follow-up to the implementation of the policy, plans, programs and projects for the strengthening of the agricultural and forestry chains.
  5. Coordinate with the relevant public authorities and actors of the production chains aspects related to the financing, risk management, technological development, technical assistance, marketing and agribusiness the productive infrastructure and the others that are necessary for the improvement of competitive agricultural and forestry chains.
  6. Perform with the agencies and relevant areas for the development and implementation of the policies and instruments of internal and external market for agricultural and forestry products.
  7. Define and generate the statistical information required for the Consultant Office of Planning and Prospective, analyze, interpret and allow documenting the taking of decisions of both the Minister and Vice Minister, within the areas of its competence.
  8. Proposing and guiding mechanisms that articulate the links of the different productive-commercial chains and support the development of public and private capacity to manage commitments related to the market for agricultural and forestry products.
  9. To monitor compliance with the policies, plans, programs and projects for the strengthening of the agricultural and forestry chains that perform the entities affiliated or linked to the Ministry.
  10. To do the follow-up activities with the resources of the Para-fiscal Funds and Stabilization Funds of Agricultural Prices of its competence.
  11. Do the follow-up to the policy of probation and control of prices of agricultural and forestry supplies.
  12. Issue, in coordination with the Legal Office and in accordance with what is stated in article 5 of the Law 1340 of 2009, concept prior binding and motivated, in relation to the authorization of agreements and conventions which have intended to stabilize the agricultural production.
  13. Evaluate, jointly with the Office of International Affairs, the agricultural development policy on the basis of the trend of international markets and identify the products in which Colombia has comparative advantages.
  14. Coordinate with the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development and other competent bodies, the implementation of the forestry policy.
  15. Design and propose the policy and instruments for the distribution of food in the Central de Abastos.
  16. Promote programs and projects carried out by the unit, aimed to boost resources through partnerships or schemes of cooperation between the State, the community and the private sector.
  17. Review and analyze the projects in the plan of establishment and forest management and to grant the certificate of forestry incentive, as well as the tracking of the establishments and maintenances.
  18. Coordinate, implement and maintain the Single Forestry Window.
  19. Give the technical viability for the recognition of specialized companies and maintain updated the data base in compliance with the regulations in force.
  20. Propose, in coordination with the Legal Adviser Office and in accordance with the legislative agenda of the National Government, draft legislation and regulations related to the themes of their competence.
  21. Coordinate with the Office of Information Technology and Communications technology developments and computing needs that may be required in the exercise of their functions.
  22. Support the development and maintenance of the Integrated Management System and the observance of its recommendations in the field of its competence.
  23. The other be assigned, and which correspond to the nature of the dependency.