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Martes , 05 de marzo de 2024

Financial Subdirection

​The duties of the Financial Subdirection are the following:​

1. Coordinate the execution and control of the budget with the different departments, as well as verify and manage the general accounts and budget execution.

2. Check and verify that the process of preparation, budget and accounting registration all operations that must be included in the balances of the Ministry and that affect financial information, are in compliance with the provisions issued by the Nation´s General Comptroller.

3. Perform the accounting of financial transactions made by the Ministry in accordance with the existing provisions on the issue.

4. Make timely payments of the obligations of which the Ministry is responsible.

5. Develop and execute the Annual Bank Program –PAC, of the Ministry.

6. Perform the reconciliation and revision of the budget, accounting and payments to ensure the consistency and fairness of the financial and accounting information.

7. Control and guide the process of preparation and accounting management of all operations carried out by the Ministry that affect its financial information.

8. Set goals and develop plans and programs aimed at constantly improving the management of the activities of the Subdirection.

9. Provide technical and financial guidance and propose any changes it deems appropriate to achieve an efficient financial and accounting management.

10. Prepare and submit financial statements, declarations and reports required by the relevant authorities and other entities or agencies that require them.

11. Assure the sustainability of the accounting systems of the Ministry´s financial statements and its Funds when available, in accordance with regulations issued by the Nation´s General Comptroller.

12. Ensure an efficient use of the systems available from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit for the management of the financial resources of the Ministry.

13. Consolidate and submit to the Secretary General all financial, income and budget execution statements for the relevant fiscal period, for redemption of the annual account to be submitted to the Nation´s General Comptroller, in accordance with regulations issued by that entity.

14. Prepare the balance of the Ministry and its Funds if they exist, and submit it according to the current standards of the General Accounting Office of the Nation and the National Planning Department.

15. Perform the monitoring and evaluation of budget execution by the Ministry and coordinate its execution and control with the different departments.

16. Financially monitor investment agreements concluded by the Ministry to fulfill its mission.

17. Carry out relevant actions for the management of the investment portfolio, collection and payment of funds by the Ministry in accordance with guidelines on the matter when appropriate.

18. Coordinate with the Office of Information Technologies and Communications, the computing needs and technological developments required in the exercise of their functions.

19. Support the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Management System and enforce its recommendations in the sphere of competence.

20. Other duties assigned and that correspond to the nature of the office.