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Lunes , 20 de mayo de 2024

Prospective And Planning Advisory Office

​The duties of the Prospective and Planning Advisory Office are the following:

1. Design and coordinate planning for the Farming, Fishing and Rural development industry in technical, economic and administrative aspects.

2. Develop the Industry Development Plan, in coordination with the agencies and institutions of the Ministry, subject to the National Development Plan and the strategic plans of action, the Annual and Multi-Year Operational Plan, Administrative and Social Industrial and Institutional Development Plans, and submit them for the approbation of the Minister.

3. Advise the offices of the Minister and Vice Ministers in the study, presentation and execution of policies, plans and projects aimed at meeting institutional and industrial objectives.

4. Advice and support the Minister and Vice Ministers in structuring aspects aimed at defining the strategic direction of the Ministry, of the industry and of the Comprehensive Management System.

5. Conduct studies and analysis of macroeconomic and industrial variables to advise the Minister and Vice Ministers in their decisions.

6. Carry out the administration of agricultural information systems in coordination with the competent entities.

7. Analyze and interpret information and statistics from information systems of the farming industry and advise the Minister and Vice Ministers in their decisions.

8. Advise and coordinate the National and Regional Committees of Agricultural Statistics and guide the definition of mechanisms which foster the improvement of statistical information for the industry.

9. Submit to the Public Investment Projects Bank of the National Planning Department, the projects that should be included in the annual operating plan investments, both for the Ministry and for investment projects of the entities of the industry.

10. Analyze the information reported information systems, from the heads of investment projects, towards the fulfillment of the targets set for the industry.

11. Develop, consolidate and present, in coordination with the Secretary General, the draft for the budget, as well as the multi-annual budget programming of the Ministry and entities of the Industry, and submit them to the approval of the Minister.

12. Conduct studies, proposals and research of technical, economic and financial nature, for the improvement of institutions and of the industry.

13. Conduct, in coordination with the Office of lnternational Affairs, comparative studies that allow making recommendations on foreign trade and international negotiations.

14. Support the units of the Ministry and the Administrative Industry in the preparation of investment projects and make them viable.

15. Monitor compliance with the objectives of the plans, programs and projects of the Ministry and the Administrative Industry.

16. Verify the fulfillment of the plans, programs and projects of the Ministry and of Industry entities and prepare reports of adjustments proposed for them.

17. Develop and validate indicators for the management, outcome and impact of the industry and track them through the systems established for that purpose.

18. Ensure the viability of the amendments to the budget for the Ministry and entities of the industry, in matters of investment before the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the National Planning Department.

19. Develop, consolidate and submit reports required by State agencies and other external agents within their competence.

20. Consolidate the report of results of the institutional and industrial management and make the preparation and referral of reports to the competent authorities.

21. Support the Minister in the preparation and presentation of management reports and deliver reports to the civil population.

22. Lead, develop and conduct studies and economic analysis on rural development and farming, and propose alternatives for decision making by the Minister and Vice Ministers.

23. Support the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Management System and enforce its recommendations in the sphere of their competence.

24. Other assigned duties that correspond to the nature of the office.