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Lunes , 15 de julio de 2024

Office Of Information And Communication Technologies

​The duties of the Office of Information and Communication Technologies are the following:

1. Design and propose the policy of use and application of technologies, strategies and tools for the continual improvement of the processes of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development and the Farming, Fishing and Rural development industry.

2. Guarantee the application of standards, good practices and principles for the information of the state at the industry-level.

3. Develop the institutional plan and guide the elaboration of the industrial strategic plan concerning information technologies.

4. Advise and assist the Minister, Vice Ministers and the other agencies of the Ministry on effective management of information systems.

5. Advise the Minister on the development of statistics in matters of area, production, yield, prices, and in general all information to enable decision making; propose criteria for their development, in coordination with the Advisory Office for Planning and Forecasting the Industry and other relevant entities on the matter.

6. Advise the Minister on the definition of standards of information systems and computer security data for which the Ministry is responsible, relating to information and communication systems owned by the Ministry and the industry.

7. Map the information industry to allow a complete and updated availability of the processes of production and information of the industry and the Ministry.

8. Develop strategies for the efficient flow of information within and across industries to promote the Ministry and the industry to civil society as part of accountability before the society.

9. Design strategies, instruments and tools with the application of technology to constantly and permanently provide a good service to the society.

10. Monitor that technological processes of the entity and the industry apply standards and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, allowing the application of policies issued in matters of information by the National Planning Department, the National Bureau of Statistics - DANE and other relevant entities.

11. ldentify difficulties in the implementation of standards and best practices and in compliance with the principles for state information.

12. Reach agreements between the entities in the industry to share information and improve the efficiency in the production, collection, use, and disposal of information, in accordance with the strategic guidelines issued by the National Department of Planning, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, the DANE and other relevant entities.

13. Identify the information requirements of the industry, with the purpose of prioritizing them inside the strategic plan of information.

14. Organize internal processes of the industry in the production of information to meet the policies, plans, programs and projects of the industry, taking into account the guidelines for state information.

15. Guide and participate in the development of content and virtual environments required for the performance of the functions and purposes of the Ministry.

16. Support the National Planning Department in forwarding policies, guidelines, programs, plans and projects, to achieve high levels of efficiency in the production of public information of the industry.

17. Support the DANE in the definition of policies, guidelines and the implementation of standards and best practices governing statistical information to achieve high levels of efficiency in the production of the statistical information of the industry.

18. Support the development and sustainment of the Comprehensive Management System and comply with its recommendations.

19. Answer requests and inquiries related to matters within its competence.

20. Other assigned duties that correspond to the nature of the office.