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Lunes , 15 de julio de 2024

Secretary General


General Secretary​

Born in Tulúa, Valle del Cauca. Lawyer entitled at the Central University of Valle del Cauca and specialist in Administrative Law of the Nueva Granada Military University of Bogotá. She has carried out a Certification Program in arbitr​ation, conciliation and other alternative mechanisms for the settlement of disputes and public legal management and Certification Program of peaceful conciliation of disputes.

Has extensive experience in government hiring, contractual guarantees, formulation, implementation and monitoring the purchase plan. Capacity in the administration of public resources and in everything related to the administrative and contractual part of State entities.

Among the most recent positions that has played are the Deputy Head of Contract Management in the Ministry of the Interior, Coordinator of the Group of Management in the Ministry of Justice and Law and Adviser of Dispatch in the then Ministry of the Interior and of Justice.

She will be responsible for managing the operation of the entity, proposing adjustments to the internal organization and other provisions that regulate the procedures and administrative processes of human talent and physical resources, economic and financial resources of the Ministry of Agriculture. In its role is also to carry the contractual activity out, in addition to implement, maintain and improve the Integrated Management System, among others.

She was designated as Secretary General by reso​lution 000380 of 30 September 2014.

Functions of the General Secretary

Decree 2478/99

  1. Advise the Minister in the formulation of policies, regulations and procedures for the administration of human resources, physical, economic and financial resources of the entity.
  2. Coordinate studies on personnel plant and maintain updated the specific manual of functions and requirements of the ministry.
  3. Direct the elaboration of procedures manuals, in coordination with the different units of the entity with the purpose of streamlining the management and the resources of the institution.
  4. Directing and controlling financial and administrative processes of the institution at all levels.
  5. Program in coordination with the Legal Office, bidding processes, contracting, procurement, storage, custody and acquisition of goods and materials.
  6. Propose and implement policies, plans, programs and other actions related to the financial and budgetary management of the institution.
  7. Leading the development of the financial plan of sources and uses of resources of the entity, carry out their follow-up and to propose the necessary corrective measures.
  8. Propose to the Minister the changes that are considered relevant to improve the financial and budgetary management of the entity.
  9. To ensure the proper application of the system of administrative development, related to the policies, strategies and methodology, techniques and administrative mechanisms and organizations for the administration and the management of human resources, technical, material, physical and financial resources of the Ministry, designed to strengthen the capacity administered and institutional performance in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
  10. Coordinate the Sectoral Committee of Administrative Development in accordance with article 19 of the Law 489 of 1998, the follow-up to the administrative development plans of the member institutions and linked and submit the respective action plan.
  11. Assist the Minister in the creation, organization and formation of internal working groups, taking into account the internal structure, the needs of the service and the plans and programs drawn up by the Ministry.
  12. Investigate and promote the use of new methodologies of informatics, as well as to ensure the best use of the computing resources of the entity.
  13. Direct and supervise the implementation of the functions of systematization of the entity.
  14. To advise the Minister in the definition of the policy relating to the organization, methods and procedures associated with the processing of the information and statistical analysis, with the aim of enabling the Ministry to develop their function adequately.
  15. Coordinate the system of complaints and claims and ensuring its smooth operation.
  16. Coordinate and comply with the provisions enshrined in the Law 200 of 28 July 1995 "Unique Disciplinary Code", and other provisions in force regulating the disciplinary matters.
  17. Timely inform the Minister on the anomalies found in the preliminary investigations and disciplinary investigations and recommend sanctions to be taken.
  18. Coordinating, directing and guiding the special administrative investigations and those required for the Ministry and report accordingly to the Minister on the anomalies in the application of the rules, systems, and procedures and recommend actions to be taken.
  19. The other inherent to their nature and the assigned to them by the legal norms.​
Source: Decree 2478/99. Article 16°