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Martes , 16 de abril de 2024

International Affairs Office

​The duties of the International Affairs Office are the following:

1. Advise the Minister and Vice Ministers in relation to the foreign policy for international trade agreements.

2. Design, manage and implement tools for the farming trade industry.

3. Advise and coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the policy of opening of the market and access to farming, livestock, forestry, fishing and agricultural products.

4. Jointly assess with the Vice Ministry of Farming Affairs and their Offices, the farming development policy in function of international market trends, and identify the products for which Colombia has a comparative advantage.

5. Define the strategy for international trade negotiations of the country in farming and other industries, and other negotiations that deal with the competences of the Ministry.

6. Participate in the agricultural access board as representative of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development in international negotiations.

7. Coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the creation of projects and interpretation of international treaties related to the farming industry.

8. Evaluate and follow up on government regulations and decisions of other States on agreements of productivity, competitiveness and market insertion.  

9. Encourage and support the development of national, public and private capacities in matters related to the farming and fishing industry, to articulate, for the benefit of the Colombian society, international commitments related to foreign trade and international negotiations.

10. Coordinate with the Presidential Agency for lnternational Cooperation of Colombia - APC, the identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation of programs and projects for international cooperation both of the Ministry and the Administrative Farming, Fishing and Rural development industry.

11. Support the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Management System and enforce the recommendations in the sphere of competence.

12. Other assigned duties that correspond to the nature of the office.