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Lunes , 15 de julio de 2024

Administrative Subdirection

​​​The duties of the Administrative Subdirection are:​

1. Direct, execute and control the plans, programs, projects, processes, services and activities on human talent management, document management and administration of physical resources.

2. Lead and execute the administrative activity of the different departments of the Ministry, their planning, execution, control and results management.

3. Follow up the execution of the guidelines, standards and procedures in matters of its competence.

4. Direct, manage, coordinate and follow up the processes related to human resources and physical goods and services of the Ministry, ensuring their proper operation.

5. Suggest the strategic plan and action plan of the Administrative Subdirection, follow up their execution and evaluate the results.

6. Prepare the annual draft budget of operating expenses, submit it to the Secretary General and coordinate its consolidation with the Advisory Office of Planning and Forecasting.

7. Manage and control procedures of reception, preservation, classification and analysis of the documentation and other activities related to document management, in accordance with the document retention tables established by the Nation´s General Archive.

8. Organize, under the guidelines decided by the General Secretariat, the provision of mainstream and support services required for the proper functioning of the entity.

9. Develop and submit for the approval of the Secretary General, reports and accounts established by the current administrative guidelines.

10. Support the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Management System and enforce its recommendations in the sphere of competence.

11. Control the execution and monitor the expense budget for the functioning of the Ministry.

12. Manage the real estate and personal property of the Ministry.

13. Program and assure the timely provision of preventive and corrective maintenance for the facilities of the Ministry.

14. Perform the custody of elements property of the Ministry and maintain updated inventories of the Ministry´s returnable items.

15. Control document management by the Ministry, and the administration if the services of the Library.

16. Perform the services of file registration, sorting, and management, and the correspondence of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development, and strive to safeguard and update them.

17. Perform studies on personnel and update the manuals of roles and work competencies of the Ministry.

18. Provide the information required by the System of Information and Management of Public Employment.

19. Coordinate with the Office of Information Technologies and Communications, the computing needs and technological developments required in the exercise of their functions.

20. Support the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Management System and enforce its recommendations in the sphere of competence.

21. Other duties assigned and that correspond to the nature of the office.