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Viernes , 01 de marzo de 2024



Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

​He is a lawyer by the Universidad Javeriana and he counts with vast experience in the service of the State and the private sector, where he has fulfilled important responsibilities. Was born in Popayan in 1966 and before moving on to the Portfolio of Agriculture was Minister of the Interior where was characterized by handle with good results key issues such as the countryside, the strengthening of democracy, security, justice, international relations and coexistence.

In the administration of President Juan Manuel Santos was also vice minister of the Interior, Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs and Secretary General of the Presidency.

The country recognizes him as a serene leader, a Democrat, honest, committed and sensitive to the communities in the regions, connoisseur of the political world, well connected with the partisan leadership and virtuous in the act to negotiate social conflicts.

He has also been a main actor in the solution of the social protests lived in the last months, which have been understood by the President Santos as an opportunity to strengthen democracy and correct the structural weaknesses of the economic model and political representation.

For the new Minister is essential the creation of policies that generate equity in the rural sector, since it is there where are especially the opportunities to build peace, an​d transform the Colombian countryside.

Functions of the Minister

​Decree 1985 of 2013

  1. Formulate, direct, coordinate and establish the guidelines for evaluating the policy relating to the rural development, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, aquaculture and forestry in matters of competence of the Ministry.
  2. Formulate and direct evaluation of policies, plans, programs and projects for rural development, agricultural and fishery, strengthening the processes of citizen participation and planning of the territory under the guidelines of the macroeconomic policy.
  3. Formulate and manage the rural development policy with territorial approach on issues related to the social order of rural property and productive use of the soil, productive capacities and income generation and management of rural public goods.
  4. Develop, coordinate, adopt and establish the guidelines for the follow-up to the policy of restitution of deprived lands.
  5. Formulate and direct monitoring of the agricultural policy, fisheries and rural development to the attention of the population in a situation of vulnerability with the objective of contributing to the realization of their rights with integral and differential approach, in coordination with other competent entities of the State.
  6. Develop, coordinate, adopt and direct the follow-up to the policy of agricultural development, in relation with agricultural chains, technological innovation, protection of health risk and the sectoral financing.
  7. Lead the design of instruments and strategies in the field of research, technological development and innovation for the agricultural sector.
  8. Formulate, coordinate and implement the policy to prevent, correct and mitigate the agricultural risk.
  9. Develop, coordinate and lead the evaluation of policies in the areas of prevention, surveillance and control of health, biological and chemical risks to animal and plant species and applied research, with the purpose of protecting the health of people, animals and plants and ensure the conditions of trade.
  10. Participate in the definition of macroeconomic and social policy and in the elaboration of the National Development Plan, with the aim of achieving the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of rural areas and the economic growth of the Agricultural Sector, Fisheries and Rural Development.
  11. Ensure the effectiveness and fulfillment of the purposes that for the Sector embodied in articles 64 to 66 of the Political Constitution, subject to the rules contained in the laws which develop them.
  12. Coordinate with the Ministries and the National Department of Planning the programming and definition of strategies to foster investment in the Agricultural Sector, Fisheries and Rural Development.
  13. Set policy for producers and protectors forestry crops for commercial purposes, of introduced species or natives, in coordination with the environmental authorities and of renewable natural resources.
  14. Participate, with the competent authorities in the formulation and adoption of the policy of sustainable use of renewable natural resources and water resources.
  15. Lead the design, implementation and the promotion of the instruments, incentives for the production and marketing of agriculture, through the financing, investment, the capitalization and the promotion of production.
  16. Set the guidelines for the follow-up to the policy of surveilled liberty and control of prices of agricultural supplies, livestock, aquaculture and forestry.
  17. Develop and adopt, in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the foreign trade policy of agricultural production, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture national.
  18. Formulate and adopt the policy for international trade negotiations and other negotiations of the country on the topics related to the agricultural sector.
  19. Coordinate with the DANE and other entities the production of sectoral information and perform the analysis for decision making.
  20. Contribute to the development of the peasant associations and the agricultural professional organizations, as well as the cooperation between them and the entities of the Agricultural Sector, Fisheries and Rural Development.
  21. Manage the Fund for Agricultural Development.
  22. Formulate strategies that contribute to the sustainable development of the rural territory.
  23. Provide the guidelines to support and coordinate the cooperation and technical assistance to the sectoral entities in the areas of its competence.
  24. Coordinate with the other Ministries and Government entities involved, the development of a strategy for International Cooperation in the sector.
  25. Provide the guidelines to advise the territorial entities in the articulation of the agricultural policy and rural development in the development plans.
  26. Promote, to participate and to coordinate with the relevant entities, scenarios of citizen participation in the issues within the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  27. Prepare and submit to the Congress of the Republic, in accordance with the legislative agenda of the National Government, the draft law related to the functions of the sector and the annual management reports.
  28. Define the management policies of the information from the Administrative Sector of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.
  29. Designate and remove the officers of the Ministry and distribute the jobs of their staff, with the exception of the jobs whose nomination is attributed to another authority.
  30. Directing and guiding strategic communications of the Ministry.
  31. Exercising the function of internal disciplinary control under the terms of the Law 734 of 2002 or in the rules that modify it.
  32. Lead the deployment, maintain and improve the Integrated System for Management of the Ministry.
  33. The other in accordance with the law and which by their nature correspond him or may be delegated by the President of the Republic.
Decree 1985 of 2013. Article 6°