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Martes , 16 de abril de 2024

Vice Minister of Agricultural Affairs


Vice Minister of Agricultural Affairs

The Vice Minister of Agricultural Affairs is a native of the city of Santa Marta. He is a lawyer by the Universidad Sergio Arboleda with mastery in Strategic Intelligence and Foresight of the University Jaume I, Castellón of Spain. In the Ministry has handled themes of productive development and generation of value in the chains of agricultural and livestock.
In the last year, the new deputy minister he served as adviser to the office of the Ministry of Agriculture, leading the various projects that have the Agricultural Portfolio with the sector associations.
He has served as a consultant on agricultural topics in the MARD, has been vice president of the Center for Leadership and Management; adviser to the Ministry of Housing in topics of extreme poverty and social development; adviser to the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, in rehabilitation of strategic ecosystems and green business, among other charges.

Juan Pablo Pineda at the m​oment is working on the development of the most ambitious policy of recent years in the country, called 'Colombia Siembra', in whose structuring, he had a great participation.

Similarly, has served as a professor at the Coll​ege of Higher Administration Studies (CESA), issuing chairs as Business Sustainability, School of Leaders and seedbed of prospective entrepreneu​rs, among others.

Office of the Vice Minister


According to article 62 of the Law 489 of 1998, the Vice Ministers have as mission:

  1. Meet the temporary absences of the Minister, when so ordered by​ the President of the Republic.
  2. Advise the Minister in the formulation of the policy or action plans of the Sector and ass​ist in Management functions, coordination and control which correspond to it.
  3. ​Assist the Minister in his/her relations with the Congress of the Republic and to monitor the course of law drafts related to the field.
  4. Fulfill the functions that the Minister delegates him/her.
  5. Represent the Minister in the official activities he / she determines.
  6. Study the regular or occasional reports that the various departments of the Ministry and the entities attached or linked to it must pay to the minister and to submit relevant observations.
  7. To lead the development of special reports and studies on the development of plans and programs of the field that have to be submitted.
  8. Ensure the implementation of the Administrative Development Plan specific to the respective sector.
  9. Represent the Minister, when he/she requests to, boards, councils or other collegial bodies to that required to attend.
  10. Ensure the exercise of the internal control and monitor its effectiveness and the observance of its recommendations.

What we do

According to article 8 of Decree 2478 of 1999, are functions of the Vice Minister:

  1. Advise the Minister on the adoption and/or adjustment of instruments and incentives for the agricultural sector.​
  2. Advise and coordinate the productive and social programs in its components of agrarian reform, rural development, credit, technology, technical assistance, infrastructure, predial adequacy, marketing, agribusiness, organization and training.
  3. Advise the Minister on the adoption and/or adjustment of the regulatory framework in matters relating to the scope of action of the MARD.
  4. Advise the Minister in the formulation of the policy of rural development in the issues of agrarian reform, integrated rural development, social policy, organization and business development peasant, rural employment and others that contribute to improve the productive capacity and the welfare of the peasant communities.
  5. Advise the Minister in the formulation of the policy of credit, technical assistance and suitability of land for small producers.
  6. Advise the Minister in the formulation of the policy for the production and marketing of agricultural goods, livestock and fisheries, including the promotion of primary agroindustry.
  7. Guide and monitor with the Directive Commissions of the Parafiscal Funds the use and application of its resources.
  8. Define the field of action of the Ministry in the post-harvest activities and primary agro-industry, and to ensure that these aspects are promoted and encouraged in the activities of the General Managements of the Ministry.
  9. Direct and coordinate the preparation of the Sectoral Development Plan, including the sector investment plan and monitor its compliance.
  10. Direct, coordinate and control the implementation of the functions assigned to the General Managements and the Office of Internal Control of the Ministry.
  11. The others which are assigned to him/her and which correspond to the nature of the dependency.

What are we on

The Office of the Vice Minister is focused on the strategic direction of the technical areas of the MARD. One of its priorities has been the formulation of forestry policy which will be a motor for the development of the sector.​
From the Office of the Vice Minister are being looked for alternatives to ensure the development of projects of growth, now that the Constitutional Court has declared the unconstitutionality of the PEDAF.

It has been this Office which has led the operation and development of the programs that the MARD has arisen for the attention of the rural and peasant communities affected by the Wave of Winter.

 The Vice Minister leads the follo​w-up of the budgetary execution of the Directions and Attached and Linked Institutions, which allows you to make an assessment of the goals of the 2012 and also the approach of a new budget, goals and strategies for the agricultural sector for the 2013.