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Viernes , 01 de marzo de 2024

Direction of Financing and Agricultural Risks


The Direction of Financing and Agricultural Risks shall have the following functions:

  1. Designing and evaluating the policies, plans, programs and agricultural development projects aimed at financing and agricultural risks.
  2. Propose regulations, instruments and procedures for financing, capitalization and investment in the agricultural sector in line with the characteristics of the production cycle.
  3. Perform the follow-up to the implementation of the policy, plans, programs and projects for financing and agricultural risks and to strive for their implementation in the affiliated and linked institutions.
  4. Define instruments and strategies in order to identify, prevent, mitigate and redress the agricultural risks product of the national and international economic crisis and in general the unpredictable situations that affect agricultural activities.
  5. Analyze the economic situation at the national and international markets, evaluating the risk factors affecting the agricultural sector (market risks), in coordination with public and private entities concerned.
  6. Analyze, develop and implement mechanisms for promotion to improve and expand the coverage conditions and access to agricultural insurance, prioritizing productions, regions, types of producers and active practices of mitigation of climate and biological risks.
  7. Design and coordinate the implementation of instruments for the management of market risks of agricultural products that includes coverage of prices and exchange rate.
  8. Tracking to the instruments of market risks of the agricultural production and marketing.
  9. Coordinate with the Mercantile Stock Market of Colombia - BMC and addresses of strings of the Ministry, the design and implementation of instruments of capital market for agricultural products.
  10. Manage the access and use of agricultural, hydro-meteorological and climatic statistics for a better management of risk.
  11. Coordinate with the relevant agencies for the development and implementation of policies and instruments for financing, capitalization and investment in the agricultural sector.
  12. Participate in the articulation of policies, plans, programs and projects -at the national level- of agricultural risk management and financing instruments.
  13. Make monitoring and updating of insurance operations, classification of risks and all matters relating to the operation of the funds of insurance and risk in agriculture.
  14. ​Coordinate with the Office of Information Technology and Communications technology developments and computing needs that may be required in the exercise of their functions.
  15. Support the development and maintenance of the Integrated Management System and the observance of its recommendations in the field of its competence.
  16. The other which are assigned to it and which correspond to the nature of the dependency.