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Sábado , 24 de febrero de 2024

Legal Advisory Office

​The duties of the Legal Advisory Office are the following:

1. Advise the Office of the Minister and the other governing bodies of the Ministry in the interpretation and application of the rules relating to the functions, powers and management of each of the departments of the Ministry.

2. Suggest policies aimed at strengthening the legal departments of the Ministry with regard to matters within its competence.

3. Establish guidelines for the legal interpretation and application of rules governing the Farming, Fishing and Rural development industry at all levels and fields of action.

4. Conceptualize the constitutionality and consistency with the current legal system of legislative initiatives related to issues of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development, subject to the powers delegated to the Legal Secretary´s Office of the Presidential Office. 

5. Create, study and conceptualize the bills, legislative acts, decrees or resolutions to be issued by the Ministry. Additionally, conceptualize on contracts, agreements and other administrative actions as requested.

6. Analyze, plan and endorse for the signature of the Minister or his delegates, the administrative acts and prompted queries that must be subscribed pursuant to the Political Constitution and the law.

7. Represent the Ministry on legal and out of court processes and actions against him, through power or delegation and monitor the their process.

8. Direct and coordinate activities related to the process of coercive jurisdiction.

9. Provide the Public Ministry and competent authority in processes taken on by the Nation with all the support, information, documents and Government acts necessary for the advocacy of the interests of the State, and report to the Minister on the course of these processes.

10. Maintain an updated system for registration of norms and law standards issued on the matters of competence of the Ministry.

11. Coordinate and inquiry on rights to petition, requests for direct appeal, guardianships and general legal proceedings related to the functions of the Ministry, which do not correspond to other units of the entity.

12. Guide and to follow up on actions taken by the Ministry with the Business Entrepreneurial Fund, Cattlemen Funds, active Supply Centrals, settled and under settlement.

13. Coordinate the criteria for legal defense with Industry entities.

14. Assure a timely and efficient procedure of recalling warranties and rights to petition when required.

15. Perform monitoring and surveillance of agricultural trade organizations and national farmers' associations, for which the Ministry shall issue the respective regulations for the proper control and supervision. It equally applies to the secretaries of municipal and/or district government to exercise on agricultural trade organizations, and municipal, departmental or regional farmers' associations.

16. Recognize the legal personality of community enterprises and associations of users of land adaptation districts, in accordance with legal regulations in force. Support the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Management System and enforce the recommendations in the sphere of competence.

17. Other assigned duties that correspond to the nature of the office.